Sender on its way to #spanishrevolution

When we made our movie EXODOS, we wanted to describe an atmosphere of the Last Days, in which everyone senses that it will not go on like before for long.
The continous news, the ever-present global difficulties, the helplessness of the characters, that is more likely shown in escapes into sex, endless talks and to Greece.
And now we are very happy to feel, that these Last Days are probably over in real life. In Spain and in many other countries, people stand up against our bancrupt systems, they demand more democracy and a new way of living together. Great stuff, we love it that much and so we decided to travel to Spain, to what happens there, and how we can help to import this revolutionary atmosphere to Germany and rest-europe. Follow us here, and you can watch the next days, what we have to report.

Imagine all Creativity is Available for Everyone!

The idea of creative commons is more and more overwhelming us. At the moment we check out to publish our feature-film EXODOS via so called private-public screenings. Often we realize, that people don’t really understand what this means, that’s clear, because this idea means so much, and it is that new and inspiring, that it isn’t possible to explain it in two or three sentences. But we believe in ideas like that, when you got it, it is so simple and enlightening! And if you change your role as a spectator, you can live to see something really new. That’s why we made a little movie about this issue, just to tell everybody about the idea, and to start to shine a light on the bendless opportunities of ideas like this. Free culture rules!
This movie is just a try, and it cannot be shorter or with less text at the moment, because it does not work to tell about this idea with conventional marketing speech. And that’s what’s the good about it. Let’s continue these thoughts in the comments together!

Thilo Sarrazin unterstützt Türkiyemspor Berlin!

Erneut befeuert Thilo Sarrazin die inzwischen hitzig geführte Integrationsdebatte. Nachdem nun auch Angela Merkel und Horst Seehofer ihre Angelruten in Rechtsrandgewässern ausgeworfen haben, vollzieht der Bestsellerautor und Sozialdemokrat Sarrazin offensichtlich eine Kehrtwende. Völlig überraschend kündigte er seine Unterstützung für Türkiyemspor Berlin an. Er lobte ausdrücklich das gelungene Integrationsprojekt und wird den in finanziellen und sportlichen Schwierigkeiten steckenden Verein mit 10% seiner Einnahmen aus seinen Buchverkäufen unterstützen. Der Sender Freies Neukölln ist überrascht und etwas irritiert, berichtet aber.

Germany’s Social Democrat Nr. 1, Thilo Sarrazin, will support Türkiyemspor Berlin. Sender FN is a little irritated and surprised as well, but reports the whole story. In German with international broken English subtitles.


Difficult times for our beloved soccer club TÜRKIYEMSPOR BERLIN. Imminent relegation. That’s a fact. So we have to fight for the stay of this most important Berlin Club in the 4th league. Sorry, friday you can see the movie with english subtitles, but for the first we have to mind our own business. Time presses.